1. Height of the building – ground floor + loft.

  2. Building foundations – ferroconcrete ground beams on the foundational footings.

  3. External constructional walls – wooden skeleton construction covered with OSB plate 15 mm thick, filled in with mineral wool 15 cm thick, the external side is insulated with Styrofoam 5 cm thick.

  4. Elevations – walls – structural silicone plaster with timber framing made of 2.5 cm thick boards.

  5. Elevations – plinth – split filled stone.

  6. Ceiling over the ground floor – floor boards chipped lengthwise 32 mm thick on the wooden beams of 22 cm height.

  7. Roof – wooden construction, rafters, covered with ceramic tiles ‘BRASS’.

  8. Gutters – Lindab, discharge along the chain (water release to the land).

  9. Roof windows – VELUX 140cm x 78cm.

  10. Roof insulation – mineral wool 20 cm thick.

  11. The system chimney of BARTA standard operating one source (fireplace/cast-iron stove of ‘goat’ type).


  1. Construction walls, partition walls and ceilings in the loft – made of gypsum-cardboard boards, painted twice. In between the buildings (joint wall) a special acoustic matt was used (DF1)  + a layer of the wool.

  2. Stairs – openwork, made from softwood (option of hardwood possible).

  3. Internal sills –  wooden.

  4. Entrance doors – made of steel, insulated, deadlocks provided with attestation (WIKED or similar class).

  5. Internal doors – min. standard of  Porta or higher

  6. Bathroom: walls – tiles, floor – tiles, WC suspended on the wall, shower, washbasin with a cabinet, mirror, bathroom lighting

  7. Kitchen: walls – tiles or painted plasterboard, floor – tiles or panels: furniture – complete kitchen according to IKEA standard, refrigerator, 4-burner cooker with an oven, microwave stove, central lighting and lamps under the kitchen cupboards; the kitchen is completely fitted (adjusted for rent) – according to the average IKEA standard.

  8. Living-room: painted plasterboard walls, floor – tiles or panels; completely furnished according to IKEA standard (a table and chairs, sofa, small table, wardrobe, drawers for TV-set, wardrobe or a hatstand/hatrack), TV – min. 42”, complete audio equipment (min. radio, CD, Bluetooth, home cinema, USB), cable TV, internet WiFi, fireplace – stove with equipment, lighting (of central and sided type).

  9. Bedroom 1.: painted plasterboard walls, floor of Scandinavian boards or panels; complete furniture according to IKEA standard (min. double bed, wardrobe, drawers, central and sided lighting).

  10. Bedroom 2.: painted plasterboard walls, the floor of Scandinavian boards or panels; complete furniture according to IKEA standard; (min. two single beds, wardrobe, drawers, central and sided lighting).

  11. Terrace: a wooden table and 6 chairs /armchairs, grill.

  12. Windows (including terrace doors) – PCV (wooden option) dyed twice (veneer imitating wood on both sides), with the heat transfer coefficient not higher than 1,0 with micro-air flow option (in the case of two wings – the micro air-flow by one wing only).

  13. External sills – coated sheets.

  14. Floors on the ground floor – concrete floor made by machines, insulated with Styrofoam 8 cm thick.

  15. Cold water installation – connection to the building with a water-meter well, internal installation distributed (bathroom, kitchen, garden valve 1 piece.). Technology – attested PP pipes, finished with corks. Additional water meter for garden watering.

  16. Warm water installation – electric boiler, internal installation distributed (bathroom, kitchen). Technology – attested PP pipes, finished with corks.

  17. Sewage installation – sewage connection, internal installation distributed (kitchen, bathroom). Technology – attested PVC pipes.

  18. Central heating installation – electric heaters according to the project.

  19. Electric installation – according to the project, including sockets and switches.

  20. RTV installation – in the living room -  distributed to other rooms, optional.

  21. Terrace – Pinewood board with deep grooves, impregnated under pressure and painted.

  1. Playground for children.

  2. Parking space assigned to every building by the border of the plot of land.

  3. Paths from the road to the building made of paving stones.

  4. Fencing – made of a wood characteristic for a farm, according to the visualization.

  5. Small architecture – benches, paths.

  6. Lawn and green land.


  1. A subject of sale: the right of property to the plot of land with a building erected thereon; purpose:  recreation; standard as above.

  2. No possibility of fencing (or any other separation) between particular buildings and parts destined for exclusive usage.

  3. Every house will be provided with a separate plot of land for exclusive usage.


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